Reliance netconnect advantages

Netconnect High Speed 1x
Netconnect High Speed 1x service offers you hi-speed wireless Internet access across India in over 24000 towns & 6 lakh villages, as well as along major highways, railway routes, airport lounges and remote locations. Access internet and e-mail on the move at a speed that's upto four times faster than dial up.
Reliance's cutting edge CDMA 1x network can give you high-speed Internet access, at speeds up to 144kbps.
Reliance offers High Speed 1x service through a suite of Reliance Net connect products like PCMCIA and USB Modem data cards as well as data cables for mobile phones and fixed wireless phones. These can be used to connect to the Internet from your laptops as well as desktops.
Features -
  • Uninterrupted high-speed wireless Internet connectivity across 24000 towns, 6 lakh villages and counting
  • Better surfing speeds, with download speeds up to 144 kbps
  • Upto four times faster speeds than dial up.
  • SMS and voice services.
  • One-time installation of the software without the need to change the dial-up configuration
  • Hassle-free connection
  • Connect instantly (No line busy / waiting tone)
  • Easy to remember username / password (your phone / card number).
  • No roaming charges for data connectivity.
  • Reliance Netconnect High Speed 1x service enables a user to surf the Internet without being tied down to a landline from any location – truly anywhere, anytime internet access.
The Reliance network advantage -
  • This remarkable service virtually converts the whole of India into a wireless hot spot.
  • 24000 towns and 6 lakhs villages and counting
  • On highways, rail routes, airport lounges and remote locations.
Device Options:-
Reliance Netconnect 1x gives you the freedom of mobile surfing anywhere in the country. Slip the Reliance Netconnect Data Card into your laptop and you're ready to go. This pocket-size wonder packs quite a punch — it works both as a modem and a mobile phone, so you can surf at high speeds as well as make and receive calls and SMSes from your laptop.
Reliance's cutting edge CDMA 1x technology offers pan-India coverage, giving you wireless Internet access even from the remotest part of the country. Experience it all at a cost that's incredibly affordable